Transbay Terminal

2021 attempt at disaster salvage: DTX via Seventh Street and Howard Street

Transbay Terminal (extant) to Seventh and Bryant, via Howard Street, passing under Moscone Center and under Muni Central Subway, to Seventh and Mariposa, via existing Caltrain rights of way.

The World Renowed Caltrain timetable generating "Taktulator"

Over 80% accurate, for the low, low price of $0.

Non-superficial Internals of code (PHP!) unchanged since 2011. That's how radidly progress happens on anything related to Caltrain! Still over 80% accurate-ish, still $0, still ignored after more a decade and a half of accurate-ish-ness.

(Meanwhere there has been only negative service improvement at Caltrain in the the two decades from 2004 and 2024! America's Finest Transportation Planning Progessionals™! World Class!)

So set the wayback machine to the first Obama presidential term and give it a whirl!

Caltrain-HSR Blog introduction to the Taktulator from May 2011

Caltrain-HSR Blog articles tagged "Timetables": 14 years, and counting, of despair and hopelessness. Fun times!

... old old old old sad stupid stuff from the 2010s, 2000s, and 1990s below ...

(Pre-2010 pre-TJPA/PTG "design" catastrophe would-have could-have hypotheticals ...)

The only possible remaining (limited by castastophically incompetent past decision-making by the TJPA and SF government), operable (based on first world standards and practices), constructible (based on lack of criminally-permitted conflicting real estate sell-offs) rail alignment into the Transbay Terminal is this. (640kb PDF.)

70kmh design speed; DB/OeBB-standard turnout geometry; minimum 250m radius on running lines (300m no longer feasible due to real estate scams); 190m radius absolute minimum; gap-free 1000m minimum radius platform curvature; over-generous 4.5m track spacing; maximally conflict-free interlockings enable maximum possible throughput; maximally free passenger flow to minimize journey times (not shown in track sketch, but obvious); etc.

In other words, about what your average non-English-as-a-first-language (ie potentially competent) railway engineer with basic skills (ie certainly not American) would toss off in his or her sleep.

Yes, explanatory text and a nice narrative should be added sometime.
Much more detail available on request ... though why bother?

Ancient and hopelessly naive Transbay Terminal rail alignment development from the 1990s

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